Campaign launched to improve the experience of visiting and shopping at Hanningtons Estate

Redevco has joined forces with the Digital Catapult Centre Brighton (DCCB) under its Innovation Challenge programme. The pair are seeking companies to help develop ideas, products and services, especially in the area of virtual and augmented reality, that will improve the experience of visiting and shopping at Hanningtons Estate.

The cooperation with the DCCB is part of Redevco’s broader strategy of working with technology companies, advisors and specialists to develop new uses of technology in three areas: enriching the time shoppers spend at its retail properties; tracking footfall in more than 150 European investment grade cities; and improving the sustainability performance of its buildings.

Marrit Laning, Head of Research at Redevco, said: “We embrace technology at Redevco and our strategy hinges on partnerships with external companies. We are looking to work with digital designers and software companies in developing commercial products that we and others may use. We offer input from our senior management team, Redevco’s deep knowledge of retailing and real estate, as well as access to our properties to design and test out the new technologies.”

Digital Catapult Centre Brighton is one of four centres across the U.K. that works as a business catalyst by bringing together digital innovators with other companies that are seeking to improve their performance through technology.

Richard Scott, Innovation Manager at the DCCB, commented: “Virtual and Augmented Reality present amazing opportunities to give shoppers exciting experiences that add to their shopping trip. In this innovation call we are looking for both commercial and creative uses of the technology and content”.

DCCB and Redevco organised a Virtual Reality meet up on how the immersive technologies of virtual and/or augmented reality can help Redevco at its 1.3-acre Hanningtons Estate development, with a general information session on innovation in retail real estate to follow later this month. They aim to draw up a shortlist of potential technology partners by the end of December.

Laning concluded: “Redevco is looking to harness new technologies to guide visitors better to the Hanningtons Estate and extend their dwell time. We want to create a digital platform that promotes and supports a mostly independent retailer tenant base when we open and to have a positive engagement with the public.”

More information about Redevco’s Innovation Challenge

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